Drive Easier on New Tires

Get new car tires without breaking the bank in El Paso, TX

New car tires are not a cheap investment, but they are a necessary one. If you need help buying new tires, come to Unique Autoworks. Our team has a huge selection of tires, wheels and rims from all the top brands. We sell and install new tires on cars, trucks and SUVs in El Paso, TX.

Call 915-881-8585 today to learn about our free installation, mounting and balancing services. We work with all credit types to finance your tires and wheels.

Protect your family and your vehicle

Protect your family and your vehicle

Hydroplaning and blowouts are much more common when your tires are bald. In addition to being safer, it's beneficial to install new car tires because they:

  • Increase your vehicle's performance
  • Give you better gas mileage
  • Improve your traction on the road

Speak to a professional today about buying new tires for your vehicle in El Paso, TX. And be sure to ask about our financing options.